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Klarrio joins X15 Partner Program

By July 2, 2016September 21st, 2022News

Klarrio joins X15 Partner Program

JULY 2 2016

The work domain of Klarrio related to enterprise grade and cloud native IoT designs is embedded in growing challenges towards security and data governance.
Topics such as fraud anomaly detections, GDPR compliancy and data governances exposes a new challenge towards vast amounts of data indexing and search requirements.

The domains are a mere snapshot of the ever-growing challenges in a world where the assimilation of Big Data, Analytics, and IoT are rapidly progressing.

“X15 and its X15 Enterprise products dramatically simplifies machine data analytics, and brings real time ingestion, indexing and search as first class citizens in the Hadoop ecosystem” said Kurt Jonckheer, Co-founder and CEO of Klarrio. “The solution brings a magnitude performance increase compared to previous solutions, and lowers the barriers for the analysts in terms of usability.”

“We are thrilled to have Klarrio join our partner program” said Val Rayzman, CEO of X15 Software.  “Their people are top notch, and their hands-on experience with IoT and big data analytic  projects will be welcomed by companies looking to leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage.  Their unique blend of business and technical skills is a great asset to our customers.”

About Klarrio

Klarrio is a one-stop professional services and cloud-native integrator towards the modern enterprise.

Klarrio enables their customers to define and accelerate on IoT, Data and Analytics strategy through the adoption of new economy business models, disruptive technologies, and cloud native new value-added services. In addition, it provides guidance towards the EU general data protection regulations directives and the needed data & privacy governance.  To learn more, please visit www.klarrio.com.

About X15 

X15 Software is a revolutionary large-scale machine and log data management company. Our products are designed for the largest and most demanding machine data environments in the world in such areas as cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT) and Application Performance Management.